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Six more ponies or pokemon game?

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 16, 2012, 8:08 AM
  • Listening to: Kasane Teto - Teto territory
Need help!
I have some money i got this christmas and I really want to buy something nice to myself!
And I want to buy two pony stuff ORE the "new" pokemon game!
But I can't make up my mind!
I guess i can buy both but it gonna take a wile to got that "much" money again.

So what should I buy first???!!!

Brony heaven

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 10, 2012, 7:25 AM
  • Listening to: Lady gaga
  • Drinking: Yoghurt
Guess what! My MLP FIM Compartment is on Brony memebase!

MLP FIM Compartment by Lomise

My Pegasister B-day

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 3, 2012, 10:25 AM
  • Listening to: SoGreatandPowerful - What Went Wrong
  • Eating: Kladdkaka
For exactly one year ago was the first time I ever watched a MLP FIM video on Youtube.
And I like it from the beginning!
I fell in love at first sight!!

The video I saw:…

Cheez burger

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 18, 2012, 11:30 AM
  • Listening to: Rix FM
Watch out my new Cheezburger site :)…

I have no idea how to do almost anything but... ^^

Stupid pony test...

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 17, 2012, 5:03 AM
  • Listening to: Bandit Rock
This test say I'm Rarity... NOT OK! The test looks awesome but... I can't be Rarity... It's the pony I'm NOT most like. Anypony else would be fine but not her.. She is tottaly awesome! But she is not really me... Well well..


But now when I think about it... Maybe she is not extremely no me after all. But I still don't want to be her that much..

Save Derpy!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 3, 2012, 4:03 AM
  • Listening to: Griffin Village - Autumn (Derpy Hooves)
Please help!
Watch this if you have not heard yet:…
If you love Derpy Hooves, please click there:…
Save Derpy Stamp by TheSharp0ne

Oh my, I'm Pinkie pie!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 29, 2012, 10:58 AM
  • Listening to: Alex S. - Party With Pinkie
Which My Little Pony Are You?
Which My Little Pony Are You?
Hosted By Anime


Journal Entry: Sat Jan 21, 2012, 8:03 AM
  • Watching: MLP FIM S2 E14
DERPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MLP Happy Meal in sweden

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 21, 2011, 11:19 AM
  • Listening to: Lights - Quiet
Oh my goodness!! :D The MLP toys are coming to the Swedish McDonalds the day after tomorrow :D
I are going to buy Happy meal every week this month!! >:D
Well, I don't live close to a McDonalds, but it is worth to travel long to get them <w<
Rainbow Dash - FOR SALE - Sponsors BroNYcon by Stitchfan

Episode 7

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 19, 2011, 9:07 AM
  • Listening to: May the Best Pet Win
  • Watching: MLP FIM S2 E7
Yay! Episode 7! (33) :D:D:D:D
It's soo cute!
And finally a song in Season 2!!
One of the best episodes in Season 2!…

Albina llama

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 31, 2011, 6:04 AM
  • Listening to: PPS- Apple jack - Sunshine and Celery Stalks

My llama is now an Albino! Thank you all for the llamas! :D:iconalbinollamaplz:

Friend pony drawing

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 29, 2011, 10:54 AM
  • Listening to: PPS- Apple jack - Sunshine and Celery Stalks
I'm gonna draw myself with my dA friends in pony style. Do you want me to draw you? If you want it so comment :)

:icongizmothegreen:Surprise to see you here by Lomise
:iconmorteneng21:Lets make a Derpy by Lomise
:icononini-chan:Our little sheep by Lomise
:iconthetuatua:What has happened to you by Lomise
:iconsp-lover:Ops... Blogylom, your wings by Lomise
:iconimagirlfromnorth:Tree love by Lomise

  • Listening to: Mean - Taylor Swift
OMG! Lifelong! Ok, that kind of membership does not exist on dA, but I will buy new every year :) YAYAYAYA!

Isn't this excited? Are you excited? Excited! Excited!
I have never been so excited,
Well except for that time I saw you walk into this town and I when :iconpinkieisexcitedplz:
But i mean really, who can top that?…
  • Listening to: Mean - Taylor Swift
Oh my gosh! :icondashnoesplz: The first episode of season 2 are all ready on YouTube! Yay! :iconfluttershyyayplz: I wish I saw it on the HUB but I don't have that channel :( But whatever :D
So awesome! :iconso-awesomeplz:…
  • Listening to: Chris Medina - What Are Words
Before I forget...

1: There are no bad PLZ, Just REALLY BAD PLZ!

2: I'm from Sweden

3. I have three small prints (made ​​of paper) with Satwa on it in my room

4. I suck on English

5. I haven't ever eat cupcakes....

6. I have study english in 5 years and I can't however!

7. I use Google translate sometimes, but i know it sucks!

8. I have never eaten pop tarts, but I want to!!!

9. You cant buy Pop tarts in sweden...

10. In Sweden, we don't use "am" and "pm".

11. I would like to be the Swedish voice for Rainbow dash!!! :iconrainbowdashplz:

12. I am Christian

13. I want to get a good role in the school play!

14. Oh my!!! I REALLY would like to be the Swedish voice for Rainbow dash!!!!!!!!!!!!! :icondashishappyplz:

15. I don't have to be Rainbow, but someone of the girls anyway! It would be so awsome! :iconso-awesomeplz:

16. I love candy!

17. I believe in heaven, i really want to be there some day

18. I can't play The sims 3 on my computer. I hate it!

19. I gonna do the Room meme, but I want that my room is 100 % done when i make it!

20. :heart:

21. Dick figures season 3 are coming September 22nd

22. MLP:FIM season 2 are coming September 17nd

23. South Park episode 1508 are coming October 5nd

24. Snails are cute

25. The world would be better if everyone spoke Swedish (for me)

26. Sweden is the only country where the siblings can get married.(I think) Crazy!

27. Sweden has invented all the good inventions ^__^ hehe


29. Nyan Cat rocks! :iconnyancatplz:

30. Half done......

31. Å

32. Ä

33. Ö

34. Looooool!

35. You lost the game

36. :iconfluttershycomeoutplz: You're going to LOVE ME!!

37. I wish humans had cutiemarks! :iconapplebloomspinplz:

38. I hope Derpy get her own episode! :iconderpy-hooves:

39. sigh......

40. I'm I done yet!

41. :iconmlpfimplz: have really many links to good MLP PLZ's!

42. I need 210 000 $ now!! O_O

43. Well... Yeah... heh... I "need"... ^^;

44. + 450 000 $ I think...

45. :iconnekozneko: Has so nice style on her arts!

46. The...........................................................................

47. I love Goth Stan! :iconpervystanplz: (could not find any goth stan plz)

48. :iconthinktacoplz:

49. :iconkennyplz: :iconsaysplz:Hmmhhh ummffhh!

50. Favorite HTF characters: :iconpetuniaplz::iconflippyplz::iconflakyplz:

51. Just 9 left!

52. I have to go in an hour

53. Judas, Judas! :iconladygagaplz:

54. :iconsuperbassplz: :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

55. Kawaii!!! :icondesueyeplz:u:icondesueyeplz:

56. Thanks all you 25 people who are my watchers!

57. Thanks for all :+fav:!!!!!!

58. I fav too much...

59. I have to like sushi... :sushi:

60: :iconfyre-flye:<3

You have to title it "Before I forget..." And also write it at the top. Then, write 60 facts/things or something ^__^

Thanks SplashKitty how show me this thing ^_^
  • Listening to: Jessica Mauboy 'Saturday Night' Simlish
I have begun to love My Little Pony! Again ... I did it when I was young but now when friendship is the magic has came so I've started to watch it!
Even though it has not been dubbed into Swedish yet, you can buy the action figures in Sweden. Weird...

I have already started to make myself as an OC and I'll do moreMLP-FIM OC's :la:


The 6 friends in "my favorite order":
1: :icondashishappyplz:
2: :iconfluttershyisshyplz:
3: :iconapplejackishappyplz:
4: :iconpinkieisexcitedplz:
5: :icontwilightclapplz:
6: :iconraritysmileplz:


Sorry for my really bad english ^^;
  • Listening to: Kung fu fighting with Cee-Lo
  • Eating: Donat
Happy Valentine's Day friends!

  • Listening to: Saturday Night

Swedish is a difficult language if it is not your first language. I can not imagine what it would be to English and then learn Swedish! And ÅÄÖ have to be very hard to learn! Or?

A simple dictionary:
CAT = Katt
APPLE = Äpple
RIVER = Flod

  • Listening to: Elvis
:heart: Nicktoons, Disney, Cartoon Network

:heart: Avatar, Spongebob, Broken Angel, Panfu, Fairly OddParents

:heart: Artwork's from :iconisi-daddy:, :iconanigirl5:, :iconnicktoonacle:
:gallery: :party: :blowkiss: :hug: :kitty: :star: :deviation: :dalove: :meow:

  • Listening to: Walking in Memphis
Hurra! Jag är så lycklig :D

It's means: I'm happy :dance: ^^
I think I can Photoshop now :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

I maybe not be so good at drawing on it but I know how I do :dance: